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Soul Bandits


Brent's game
Title: Soul Bandits

Past:Time-1800 Place: Mayors Mansion in the city of Azurn, land of Azurnia. King Bill is in an unexpected conference with the dark Prince Syko of Helanti. The King and Prince are fighting over the land of Azurnia. Bill won't give Syko Azurnia to conect and make a super kingdom called Helon. Prince Syko goes storming through the open teleport which leads to the Netherlands and is furious as he is getting escorted to Helanti. He feels like killing King Bill. After a couple days on his thrown he finds a plan. The plan with the most evil in it. He will bring back the powerful Tundra Dragon. At night he decides to send five of his best Ghouls. Each night they will take five souls and send their body to Hell. It starts on Halloween. On Halloween night the first five Ghouls go out in the darkest hours to take five lost souls of the Azurnia Army. The plan works the first couple of nights. Then when King Bill hears one morning from a gaurd that Syko's Ghouls have been spotted taking the lives of the Men and Women. King Bill calls an all out war on Helanti. It is a bloody and furious battle. A General of Azurnia's army spots Syko in the back with an evil grin on his face. Bill catches up Syko and gives him a final blow right in the head. Before he dies, Syko takes his soul and puts it into the Tundra Dragon. The sword attack was so powerful it took 10 seconds to hit the ground. There was his face. Never changing. The wicked face of the dead.
Past:Time- 1801 PLace-Azurnia. After two more monthes of summoning. Prince Syko's ghost finishes the Tundra Dragon. For two monthes of wreaking havoc on Azurnia it rests on the gates of Hell. The land of Azurnia is now a frozen Tundra.
Present:Time-1820 Place-All over the lands
After years and years of suffering the cold harsh land and attacking of the Tundra Dragon. The land of Azurnia is going to perish in the next attack. Now the only people that qualify for saving Azurnia is Arkon, Sting, and Raven. The Azurnia army failed from the lack of food and clothing.



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