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The official game summaries of completed games, and currently getting made games.


Title: Crimson Skies


Chapter 1: Innocence Lost
Reiker Cross, our protagonist, hears of his village's destruction at the hands of the Black Sun pirates, and hires an airship pilot named Dien Talbiss to take him to the ruins to find some scrap of evidence that his family survived. Along the way, they are captured by a Daikan ship and escape, making enemies with the Daikans. Once reaching the village, they find that Reiker's friend Elia has survived, but was captured by Black Sun pirates. They infiltrate the Black Sun ship, but find out that she escaped to a small town...
They continue to follow Elia's trail, joined by 5 others, and eventually Elia herself. They find out that the Daikans have created a missile capable of wiping out the entire Black Sun fleet. The Daikans suspect that the town in which Elia's family resides is a Black Sun hideout and turn the missile on the town, at the conclusion, Reiker saves Elia's family, but doesn't escape the village himself...


Chapter 2- Resurrection
The story starts out with the crew of the Virago, Dien's airship, being split up after the incident with the Daikan Federation. For the first part of the game, you control Elia, who is searching for a mage powerful enough to revive someone whose body is no longer existent. Soon, though, she finds out that Reiker did not die, and that the Daikans have created a new missile, Starbreaker II, with twice the power of the first, and they intend to trap the Black Sun fleet and destroy it with one swift blow. But doing so will rain fallout on half of Dominus, causing a nuclear winter that will wipe out the whole species. The Virago crew infiltrate the Flagship of the Daikan fleet, The Executioner, and disarm the bomb. The Black Sun fleet destroys the Executioner, but not before the crew gets away.

Brent's game
Title: Soul Bandits

Past:Time-1800 Place: Mayors Mansion in the city of Azurn, land of Azurnia. King Bill is in an unexpected conference with the dark Prince Syko of Helanti. The King and Prince are fighting over the land of Azurnia. Bill won't give Syko Azurnia to conect and make a super kingdom called Helon. Prince Syko goes storming through the open teleport which leads to the Netherlands and is furious as he is getting escorted to Helanti. He feels like killing King Bill. After a couple days on his thrown he finds a plan. The plan with the most evil in it. He will bring back the powerful Tundra Dragon. At night he decides to send five of his best Ghouls. Each night they will take five souls and send their body to Hell. It starts on Halloween. On Halloween night the first five Ghouls go out in the darkest hours to take five lost souls of the Azurnia Army. The plan works the first couple of nights. Then when King Bill hears one morning from a gaurd that Syko's Ghouls have been spotted taking the lives of the Men and Women. King Bill calls an all out war on Helanti. It is a bloody and furious battle. A General of Azurnia's army spots Syko in the back with an evil grin on his face. Bill catches up Syko and gives him a final blow right in the head. Before he dies, Syko takes his soul and puts it into the Tundra Dragon. The sword attack was so powerful it took 10 seconds to hit the ground. There was his face. Never changing. The wicked face of the dead.
Past:Time- 1801 PLace-Azurnia. After two more monthes of summoning. Prince Syko's ghost finishes the Tundra Dragon. For two monthes of wreaking havoc on Azurnia it rests on the gates of Hell. The land of Azurnia is now a frozen Tundra.
Present:Time-1820 Place-All over the lands
After years and years of suffering the cold harsh land and attacking of the Tundra Dragon. The land of Azurnia is going to perish in the next attack. Now the only people that qualify for saving Azurnia is Arkon, Sting, and Raven. The Azurnia army failed from the lack of food and clothing.

Game should be finished whenever I finish it

Oreo Xander
Title:?????Said call it Project Oreo
Basically, the humans are under attack by demons more and more. Legend tells of a hero that will rise, and purge the world of these foul beasts.

Now, it may seem cliched, but the hero does arrive. He gathers up students of the various magic arts, and goes on his genocidal rampage.

Enter the protagonist. He was once a slave, but demons freed him, and when he was mortally wounded, they rebuilt him from their technologically advanced stuff. He hears of this 'hero', and is angered, as he knows most demons are as good, if not better, than humans.

After a while, 'hero' gets god-like powers, and rules the planet with an iron fist.

Protagonist shows up, challenges him, loses. He's thrown into a hell world.

It's nowhere near finished I heard.

Title: Jay's Journey
There is a legend of a man that is destined to save the world from a catastrophe. One that is fated to alter the very fabric of space. One that shall become the benevolent ruler of the universe.

But come on, who takes those kinds of legends seriously?

Jay lives a boring life in a boring kingdom with a not-so-boring trigger-happy mage for a best friend. On a rainy day, Jay and his friend Carol find a lion wandering around. And it talks. And not only that, but it has something to say. And evil wizard named Antigo.. Antino... no... Anti-Air... wait... ANTIGNAROT... that's it... Antignarot is going to try to take over the world, and he's currently in Pecot making his plans. The two agree to help him (because, after all, who is going to argue with a talking lion?) and find themselves in a quest to stop him. But not without making a point of arguing every silly little eccentricity in their typical RPG world.

game master99
Title: Bass: The New Power
Main character-Bass (Forte)
Plot-Bass knows that Megaman and Zero are partners and after all these years, Bass is going to try to defeat Megeman AND his brother, Zero. Sometime in the game, Protoman HELPS Bass and gives him a weapon and items to aid him. Why is Protoman HELPING Bass? Wells here's the reason... I don't want to post the spoilers because that's not nice.

Yakumo Sakagachi
Title:??? Untitled
Basically, there's a curse placed on a planet: Once, a demon plotting to take over the planet was defeated by an angel, who gave his life to destroy the demon. Somehow, both of their souls merge, and they become a mix of each other, with the demon as the dominant mind and the angel as the recessive mind. A millennium after the demon's defeat, the demon-angel hybrid will return, intent on bringing destruction...

Title: The Web Surfers
---Start info---
Its gonna start with me working on an rpg(with rpg2k of course)when a severe thunder storm comes through and lighting strikes my pc,It somehow makes a warp and transports me into the internet,in which a massive virus spreads to several websites through out the net,and i am sent to destroy it before it exposes the webmasters personal info(including bank numbers and stuff like that).
---End info---
I wil be selecting 7 members (3 are party members which will leave the party when i leave the sites server,and the other 4 are NPC's)

first 3 that posts are PC's

mister melee

Title: Pikachus Adventure
You play as Pikachu and you go to find this girls charmander that was stolen but when you go to look in the theifs cave you find a evil pokemon that's trying to take over the world so now you gotta get the 8 (maybe less)Poke element crystals before the evil pokemon does (fire,water etc.) also there will be side quests and possibly mini games.It will probably be 5+ hours long.And you'll get control the charmander that the girl owns and a Bulbasaur.Also the 3 will evolve after a certain time or experience level.It's currently 5-10% complete.

Dimensional Shard
Title: Shards of Hope
Two Knights, a Dark Knight and a Paladin, try to figure out what is wrong with the King, for he has changed. He kills all who do wrong. Even though the crime is not severe at all. But then once they investigate they find that they are in more trouble than antisipated. Along the journey they find many allies, who will help them in their long, devistating journey.

Anyway, my game's about this knight named Miyo who's kingdom's destroyed when he's on an away mission to recover a town from the evil neighboring kingdom. When he gets back to the castle though everyone and everything's gone, but he hopes that his friend Kathryn and the young prince are still alive somewhere. So he goes around the world and finds a girl named Qu who looks just like Kathryn and has her attitude but she doesn't remember anything about Miyo, and her attack style and abilities are different from Kathryn's. Then it turns out the driving force behind the evil kingdom is after them so now they have to go and destroy it, blah blah blah.

Oh, and the force behind all the evil is a guy named Lewis who is described by his followers as a "horny little bugger". (Hehe, my friend gave me that idea....)

Title: Dream Time

Most people do realize that when you dream you recieve a glimpse of the future.

Most of the time you dont even realize it.

What if you learned to control this ablility...?

Mystic Spork
Title:Blue Moon Saga: Awakening
Part 1 of ?
Setting: Planet: Juvo
City: Twelton (capital city)
Year:500 (On earth the year is 5500)
Intro: A blue moon. An event so rare, that in all of time it only happens twice. A full moon is seen once every decade on the planet Juvo. Perfect alignment is reqiured(sp?) to see the moon of Juvo, But....Only Twice is the alignment EXACTLY in the right position to be the color blue. This blue moon has been predicted many times by the oracles of every race on Juvo.The blue moon is said to give power beyond comprehension to those who can handle it.

And so, our story unfolds....

Around the world, odd events are happening. Monsters are boiling up, thieves are running rampant, and an evil organization has returned.

But who cares. You play as the mercenary Dauk, grandson of the late Togime, a master swordsman. He had been taught quite a bit, and the minotaur Rial has continued his training. He uses your skills for one purpose: to make money. Working for nearly anyone, doing almost anything, so long as it pays well, and doesn't violate his code.

But Dauk can't stay out of things forever. He'll notice eventually, and do something. He'll just try to make a profit along the way.

Title: Tokyo Megido
Tokyo Megido

We have [Heroine], who is YOUR AVERAGE TEENAGE GIRL. She's walking down the street one day, and demons start charging into Tokyo. Ground starts rumbling, giant castle thingie emerges. Clouds part. Angels start flying in and fighting the demons. [Heroine] is taken to the Demon World, were she meets another person,[Chaos Heroine]. After fighting demons, they meet with another person, [Law Hero]. After more wondering, a MYSTERIOS VOICE tells [Heroine] that she is the one that will decide the war between Heaven and Hell. Then she meets [Hero] who joins her also. They are then taken to the big castle thingie, and then you have to go through it. That's basically the game. Going through the castle.

There are different paths in the game: Side with Law, and God, and fight the Devil and his minions, or side with Chaos, and the Devil, and fight God. And you have a choice! OH JOY! But it's not like you just get halfway through and say "I wanna be Chaos". In various instances of the game, you'll be given choices. The answer you give will increase your alignment with one of the two forces. Eventually, a branching point will appear, and the alignment with the highest value will take over and you'll take the path of your alignment.

And the reason I have [Heroine] and such written like that is because I'm using the Italian RPG_RT, and the player gets to name them.

Title: Tales of Fate and Destiny
In the works, not completly sure on the plot.

A kid and 5 of his friends grew up together along with the main character's half bro.

Now they're teens, makin lives for themselves and the distant brothers are getting entangled in each others affairs and learning more about each other than they could have imagined.

Kallan (the step bro, 5 years olderi than hero) always picked on as a kid for being different, never accepted. Now hardened into a cold statue, he cares about little and underneath that shell theres more hatred and pain than thought possible.

Kivven (the hero) always the leader of everyone since childhood, town favorite and good ol kid, hes won the heart of nearly everyone hes met. Now grown up, hes setting off on an adventure into the heart of his calloused brother.

Battousai X
Title: Legend Chronicles
Story: The story is mainly focused on a boy that started having the same nightmares about killing people, etc. over and over again. Until one day, in a trip to the nearby village to get some necessities, he met a girl that is having trouble with some soldiers. He helped the girl and somehow he felt like following her. When they met again, they went to a city to find out what their dreams meant. After that, they met other people that somehow was connected to their life.

The next thing they know, they're fighting against an evil mage who wants to ressurect an evil being in order to use it's power for himself. Then, it is a long story.

I'm still very far from completing this game but I'm quite sure I'll finish this after 3 months or so.
Goldenguy's Game
Title: Triax: The Rising

Story: The bare bones line of duty is at first heroically saving a kid and then taking up a job to find another kid who is lost. After finding the kid, there's a guy in town that will invite you to watch a performance in the world's capital town, and things lead to another and you end up doing errands for people.. but at the same time, there's a race of dopplegangers that are making their way around the world. The main character finds this out about 60% through the story.

Title: Viper Boy
Past: A person gets into a major car crash and is in need of tons of medical care
Present: A friend of the car crash victim races for money to get the operations his friend needs to survive.(I will try to get more information on this game soon)

Title: Earthbound 2 (E2) Pokeys Revenge
Anyway the game stars Ness's Son. Ness and Paula got married and Ness tought his son all of his PSI
TidusLover " I'm not giving away anymore besides that yet. "

Title: Final Fantasy Cheese
A spin-off of Final Fantasy 7. You play as Jim McFeatherburry, who is looking for a cure to his inhuman hair. He sets out with his goat, Sarah, and travels to Wigfarm, the hair capital. While there, a black marshmallowy guy named Harry, who is the town drunk, tells them that the planet has chosen Jim to be the Earth's savior. Where the other companions find this a bit...strange, to say the least, Jim is enthusiastic, and they set out on a journey to stop the evil Olaf from destroying everything in a flurry of whipped cream madness with his giant fish. Based on the story by F. David Schultz.
If you want to read the story, here's the site:

Go to the site:click here

Title: Dark World III
Long ago, before the elves walked the lands, there was a peaceful place where a race lived and thrived. No one knew what went wrong - the answers lost in time - but the race divided itself into two factions: Demoarian and Avrian.

The Demoarians sought power and destruction, while the Avrians sought peace and order.

The Demoarians discovered that when a dragon dies its power could be harnessed to enhance their abilities. The Demoarians then sought out every dragon in the world, seeking ultimate power. The entire population of dragons was nearly wiped out in the period refered to as the "Dragon Hunt". The last of the dragons realised that death was enevitible and decided to give their powers to the Avrians to give some hope of resistance to the Demoarians. Every Avrian and Demoarian that became imbued with dragon power became known as a Brood. The Demoarian Broods began to rise and destroy many sections of the world, seeking out more power.

When the Demoarian Broods discovered that the last of the dragons had given their power to the Avrians, the Demoarians started to attack and kill various Avrian Broods in the hopes of extracting their dragon energy. The Avrian Broods, unable to match the strengths of the Demoarian Broods, decided to seal them all in another realm, never to return to this world.

The next period of time is referred to as the Rift Wars, when Demoarians created small portals linking the two realms together for short periods of time. These wars lasted about 300 years before the rifts were sealed. Many Avrians died in that war, leaving only seven left in the world. Also when the Avrians resealed the rift, time shifted. For every hour that passed in the Dark realm, 60 years would pass in this one.

As the remaining Avrians lived in what is referred to as the normal realm some discovered small gaps in the resealings of the portals. Most Avrians where able to seal these gaps before the Demoarians discovered them because of the time shift. However no matter how many times the Avrians resealed a gap another gap would form in another area. As the Avrians aged they decieded to give what was left of their powers to one of the youngest Avrians. This Avrian, known only as Ryu, traveled between the realms resealing all the gaps as they appeared. The only problem with this was that every time Ryu went into the "dark realm", as the Demoarians called it, he would travel forward in time a few hundred years. By the time that Ryu had resealed almost the entire portal he had aged only 20 years but the world around him had almost aged 5000 years.

In the great future Ryu discovered that, while he was resealing the portals, Demoarians in the normal realm had slowly opened a concealed portal that allowed all of the Demoarians to travel into the normal realm over a period of 4000 years. The leaders of this underground portal were called Zephar and Guardia. With this information Ryu set about a ritual in which he could travel back in time to when this portal was opened at the loss of his memory.

Ryu traveled back in time and accidentally brought some of the technology of the future with him - technology that the Demoarians of the past found and learned how to use. With this great disadvantage, plus the fact that only thing Ryu remembered was his name, the world slowly began to change. The Demoarians claimed to be scientists and spread their technology slowly around the world. The technology was gradually accepted and allowed the Demoarians to open the underground portal faster. Ryu, lost and confused, was found by a small group of dwarfs and humans who let him live with them as if he was one of them.

One day a very mysterous figure named Arrot found Ryu in the mountains of the dwarfs. Arrot, never revealing much, decided to take Ryu as his pupil. To Arrot's suprise it was only months before Ryu grew stronger and more skillful then Arrot in the small training sessions they had. Arrot began to wonder why Ryu was so gifted in the ancient ways of the Avrian Broods. Every skill Arrot taught him Ryu learned as if he already knew it. Years passed and Arrot began to spend all his time reading ancient texts on the history of the world and the Avrian ways.

At that time Ryu was traveling the world with a new friend named Rei. Ryu and Rei became treasure hunters, seeking out the most prized possesions of the known world. One day when searching for treasure Ryu was hit by a bright light from the sky and found himself in a dark room covered with all kinds of rumoured technology....

Title: Legends
I am making a series of games based on a story I wrote called Legends. The series (believe it or not) is called Legends. There are four planned main games, three planned Legends Gaiden games (sidestory games shorter than the main series that have non-playable characters from the main series as their main characters) and two planned Legends Warstory games (which are like a mix between Final Fantasy V and Warcraft series in system, but not like those two in story or characters).
Instead of describing each game, I'll describe my story...

(Note: My story is medieval setting and on a planet called Juvon which is very much like Earth in climate but much bigger and with many more races of creature. Also, some stuff from my story [which is what I'll be outlining here] isn't in the games and some stuff is newly added to the game, so this doesn't reflect the RPG series 100%, or even 70%.)

It starts out simple. A man, calling himself Janus, dressed in black clothes with black and silver plate armor on and with dazzling short silver hair, awakes, as many people do on a normal basis. He awakes in a city, like any other bustling city of the day. He has a scythe on his back and a book in his hand. He does not know who he is. He reads the book. Apparently, he is a necromancer who has been on his own for almost his whole life so far. He used to live in a kingdom but it was raided and everyone in it killed on day. Everyone save for him, of course. He studied the Dark Arts, as necromancy is sometimes called, and destroyed the army that took the lives of his parents. But those weren't his real parents that were killed in the raid, but his foster parents. He set out to find his real parents and eventually did, but they were lowly scum not deserving of a visit from their long-lost (or perhaps long-forgotten) son. Ever since then he has been wandering the world over for a calling. That's where he ended up where he is now. According to the book, he had been on many adventures and met many people in his day, but he felt uninterested in them all once their travels were over.
He gets up, gathers himself and wanders the forest for awhile. He is pushed out of the way by an elf running at high speeds. Grimmacing and pulling himself from the ground, he is once again knocked down by some guard-looking men chasing the elf.
The elf speeds by him again, not knocking him down this time. He decides to help. He raises his hand and chants a few words from the book he has.
There is a large explosion. None of the guards are killed, but he then offers some words of warning and they are scared off.
The elf introduces himself as Ansile Vesta Bentada Noveila Hanjuela Vorpana the Third, or just plain Ansil for short.
The man introduces himself as Janus.
The two become friends, wandering the mainland continent of Galanza together for awhile.
Eventually, as he notices, Janus' calling is made itself known.
Ansil and Janus, along their travels, meet Renza Aegis Guenevile, a knight from a prestiged family who is fed up with tradition and has fled.
The three wander for awhile, always heading north.
Janus makes his quest known; he must return to Naywol (the tundra continent on the top of Juvon) where he was supposedly born (at least according to that book [it's a journal, BTW] he has) for some reason. He doesn't know the reason, but he feels he must go there.
And so the three do so, and the chaos ensues.
They arrive at Naywol, and over the next few months travel to a few other continents but ultimately they end up back on the tundra continent that is Naywol.
Things transpire, then the heroes go their seperate ways.
(I wanna be vauge as to not spoil the RPG's plots.)
A couple years later, a new young man is our main character. His name is Rune. He is a high-ranking knight in the land of Tanasca. He - unlike Renza was - is all about tradition and wants to follow closely in his father's footsteps and become a great knight.
Long ago, when he was but a lad, Rune lived in the portside village of Worhem. It was miles away from Tanasca Capital City and was even seperated by a forest and mountain range. On his way to go to Tanasca Capital City for the first time to go and train as a knight, he was riding horseback (he had lagged behind saying his goodbyes so he was behind the other boys from his village that wanted to become knights so he was alone in the dark forest) and was ambushed by a single elven thief. They fought, and then the thief acknowledged Rune's superior fighting skills and left.
It wasn't until recently (the begining of Legends II actually) that he ever saw that thief again. He had completed his five year training at Tanasca Capital City and was on his way home when he was ambushed by the same elven thief from before. When they recognized each other they talked for a little, then the thief dissapeared again.
Rune got back, told his girlfriend Nicole that he was to leave on a boat for his official guard post on another continent and she was heartbroken.
He eventually did leave, but unbeknownst to him Nicole and the thief from before both stowed away on the ship.
They arrived at the destination and became fast friends with the thief, although Rune was dissapointed in Nicole and the thief's dishonorability.
The thief's name, was Ansil.
They met four other people along their journey that decided to tag along. The last of these people was a mysterious looking man. He was tall, with long silver hair, and he wore black cloth clothes with a big mantle on top and a few small pieces of leather armor. He had on soft leather gloves and boots too, and carried a scythe on his back.
His name was Janus.
The thief and the necromancer recognized each other.
The seven didn't know it at the time, but they were all part of a huge scheme to save the country from certain enslavement or descruction.
They did, however, think it weird that all seven of them had came to the main continent of Galanza for some reason.
They traveled together for a long while, sometimes leaving the main group and joining up again, but they ultimately accomplished their goal, although they had lost comrades along the way.
To be continued....

Title: ???
Seph (the main the strange, pointless man that you see one in the game...yeah main character sounds better) lives in a small, boring, extremely simple town (it's even called Simpton -- what the hey? I'm unoriginal). He lives with his mother but is old enough now to move out and do things in the world (a post-modern world, teleportation as a form of transportation is just then being tested.) One day Seph comes home to find his mother being hassled by a strange man (could be a thief, but the fact he's dressed completely in black and trying to steal something seems fishy somehow...). Seph luckily wards off the man (luckily, he has no *strange* powers or superhuman abilites...yet...BUM BUM BUM). His mother goes off to the hospital to check for injuries then goes off to live with her sister for a time (there's more to it than that but thats the whole point of playing, right? lies, I haven't made any of this up? ...yes, a lie...all of it? no! now the excitement!.)

Seph leaves his mother at the hospital and goes for a night out on the town (that just happens to be the biggest city on the planet). He meets some girl at the mall and well, they have tea and crumpets (well not quite but they enjoyed it like tea and crumpets ;).) On the way home Seph helps a lady out who has lost her keys down the storm drain (or should I say --I have no idea where they went, you have to look for them). Due to the fact its not a mini game and shes leaning over a storm drain its not one for the intelligent. To make a short story short, there's a monster, they get away, but it follows them home, destroys his house (not the town in a blaze of glory, that would be too good for the place...just the house). He decides to fight it (if he was sane he wouldnt, thing looks pretty mean -- a strange force takes him over). With only a small strange dagger he found in his mother's room he attacks the creature and finds himself on a strange plain of existence (the fighter's plain...which you find out later...or right now). He defeats it somehow (now them strange be-goings-on are startin').

All throughout the story he has strange dreams (not from a clouded past) but from images he has never seen or known. These are what unlock his story, and this is what drives it along. It's a story of one boy's quest to find out the secrets of the world and save those close to him (ooh...shouldnt have said that). It's a story of adventure, sadness, and surprise, and at one time appealed to me, but well, I'm dumping the game to go on to better things (playing other peoples). Read the book in a couple years.

Title: The Nothinglands (working-title)
The people of the Moan (pronounced: Moo-an) World has, for as long as even the oldest books in the Jadewind Library can tell, lived on a single island in the middle of nowhere with only two big towns. War is something only the royal people knows about, to protect the citizens. But one day a child is born (no.. it's not a very evil villain or a hero.. keep reading). His parents names him Terron and he grows up to be a well known architect. All of his life, he's been wondering what lies beyond the sea that surrounds the island, and after getting permission from the King of Jadewind, he starts to make blueprints for a ship. Only a few years after the first ship is built, the face of the planet has been fully explored and new towns are built everywhere.

Now Sandra comes into the picture.. She's a young girl who is leading the building of a new town.. The first few days around there everything goes fine. She has to stop some monsters from entering the town, but that's nothing. On the fifth day however there's a large hole in in the middle of the town. Sandra don't care too much, She's mainly annoyed by the fact that one of the buildings was planned to be placed where the hole is and now they have to fill the hole to continue building. However, everyone else cares, and to make the other people understand that there's nothing dangerous down there, she climbs down. Just to find that the hole was much deeper than she though. Down at the bottom of the hole she hears something (I'm going to decide what later) and gas begins to come out of the walls. Sandra quickly climbs out of the hole, and orders the workers to cover it up, without telling them about what was down there. She doesn't do it because she's evil or anything, she just doesn't think that it means anything.

A few days later, a pigeon arrives with a message telling them to stop working and to come back to the Tranion Kingdom. When they arrive there, they learn that Jadewind has declared war against the rest of the world!

Women aren't allowed to fight in wars, due to the newly created military laws, but Sandra couldn't care less. She doesn't want to be involved in this anyway. However she's more or less forced to when she finds out that her adventure down the hole is the cause of it all..

Well.. that's the basic story.. I'm only just done with the intro so far though..

Oh.. and about halfway through the game, something will happen and the rest of the game will take place roughly 50000 years in the future..

Title: The Orion Project
Setting: The world of Kalaran
Time Period: Renaissance in some places, medieval in others.
The Story:
A young man named Vincent has been living on the small island of Lavandros, named after the only real town there, besides the small port of Daranio. He's grown up hearing tales of Orion, the legendary god-like being who once saved the world from a vicious and blood-hungry demon known to mortals only as The Warlord. Anyway, the quaint town of Lavandros is abuzz with tales that it's greatest hero, Calypso, has returned looking for men to help him find the missing pieces of Orion's equipment, because the king of the nearby kingdom of Arvah(Well, not really NEAR, but the closest civilized location known to Lavandros' people) has a feeling that maybe, The Warlord might return. Anyway, Calypso recruits Vincent, who, as luck would have it, is the only young boy who is healthy enough to go on a journey with him. But, to get to Daranio, they have to go through the Eastern Cave. Calypso dominates the monsters here with his advanced skill and expertise....but then, the odds change, as they run into a ninja, who wasn't there before when Calypso entered the cave to come to Lavandros. The ninja looks the two over, and for no apparent reason, begins to clash swords with the two. After a long battle, in which all three men ended up wounded, the ninja turns to Vincent and says he has skills much like his father did. The ninja casts a flashing spell, and disappears. As Vincent ponders who this could of possibly been, Calypso collapses, from his wounds. Vincent takes him to Daranio where, after Calypso's wounds heal, they set sail for Arvah. Out of nowhere, the skies darken, and the sea opens up, swallowing the ship and it's passengers. When Vincent comes to, he is on the shore of an unknown island, and alone, with only his equipment, and no way to get back home......
By the way, that's all I have completed in my game as of now.
Azure Edge
Title: ????
You play as a demon called Cyrien from the Netherworld who has decided that he doesn't like pillaging and murdering the helpless denziens of the real world. His black mage/elf friend Kareen almost convinces him to stay with the armies of the Netherworld (for if he deserted and was caught, he would be killed), then the two meet a white mage named Naosuke during a raid on the castle Caesar. Naosuke is badly wounded and Cyrien decides to help her. Kareen reluctantly also decides to help, then the two are rbanded traitors.
That's the basis of it... there's lots of fun demon killing and blowing things up, and all of that regular RPG madness, as well as a nice long sidequest involving a secret summoner character.
Title: The Akanians
The main character is a young boy called Zavis Gynatra (Actually he's not that young, he's probably 16 or 18 years old) who lives in a town called Lasgue, His best friend is also a young boy, called Drake Leviake (Who is also probably also 16 or 18 years old) They enter a tournament (well, actually its a Battle arena but its also a tournament) They meet two other people named Kane Pyro and Alex Blaze (Please don't kill me for calling him Alex) (Kane is probably 17 years old or 19 and Alex is most likely about 17,18 years old) Zavis ends up winning the tournament, But Alex bribes the judge and ends up being the champion (Since he's basically a rich kid) The four start talking and soon become friends, They stay the night at Alex's mansion. When they awake,They realise they are framed of killing innocent people, And must escape through an underground tunnel and reach a hidden temple, The Temple of the Akanians (I might change the name) They go through a row of trials, And they realise that they have the ancient powers of the Akanians...

Jaisen Laviero
Title: Dragon Lore
A young man named Lado lives in the quiet town of Corkune. The game begins when Lado is late for a date at a ritzy restraunt. After the ritzy owner declines lado's entry, a large explosion from the south rocks the town. The next morning, Lado recieves a letter from the Xenton Mage Academy.(No relation with the gardens of FF8). His next door neighbor, Elise, also gets a letter. Both travel to the Academy. Upon arriving, there here that the Great Kingdom Milroy has been reduced to rubble. Witnesses and survivers say a giant dragon came from the sky. With the help of Larry, the Red Mage, Biran, the Blue Mage, and Jocelyn, The Black Mage, they set out to find out who the culprit is...
Elise-White Mage
Biran-Blue mage
Larry-Red mage
Jocelyn-Black Mage
Ranfi-Boomerang Thrower
Enrike- Fist Fighter
And the secret character- its a secret...
Terra Bahaumut
Title: Rayoken's Quest
Description: Rayoken is a mage in the small village of Lilia who frequently has visions of dragons and all that crap that always come true. One of him most frequent visions is of a dragon in Lilia forest. That one has not yet come true. One day the elder calls for him, what could he want? To tell him that he is the last of some ancient race? That he was found outside the village 10 years before and that he was fated to save the world? No, he tells him to go to an idiot in a graveyard who will supposedly "train" him. Rayoken obliges because he has no choice (why I don't know...) and is trained. Suddenly, while still in the graveyard and with the moron, a dragon named Terra appears (who could that be?) and nukes the idiot (yay!) before telling Rayoken to go to the Lilian forest. Thus it begins...



Title: Sonic Fan: An Urban Legend" background story v.2

Setting: The Present World [suburbs, cars, computers, etc], common suburban home [at first..]


Shaun Lapierre and Naomi Everette are two huge Sonic the Hedgehog Fans. They've been in love with the little blue blur ever since they were little kids. They always collected every single thing there was about Sonic, from the games to the comics. They were also close friends that were nearly inseperable. Ever since Kindergarten, they were always together. There weren't a lot of Sonic Fans in their little hometown of Eades, Texas... except for a lonesome kid that goes by the name of Doran. Doran normally kept to himself and refused to talk to anyone. Even when Shaun and Naomi gave him a friendly hello, he totally backed them off.


Shaun and Naomi always wondered about him. Just who was he...?


Meanwhile on the SonicFun Message Board, the entire board was going into chaos. Flamewars were abundant, a group of hackers called Ghost Eye were always messing things up, and Vince, the board admin who went by "Meridian", tried his best to calm things down, but his attempts failed. The Ghost Eye had finally "captured" the SonicFun MB. Shaun and Naomi's internet access had been cut off due to some technical problems going on in the neighborhood, so they had no idea what was going on.


A few days later, there had been reports on the news concerning the mysterious disappearance of several kids accross the globe. No one knew how they disappeared, but in every one of the kid's places across the globe was a strange piece of paper with a mysterious insignia on it. The kidnappings have been going on for weeks. The authorities have been baffled by these disappearances. The only thing they knew was that they had to be linked because of the insignia, and the fact that they were Sonic fans.


This scared them a little, but they went on to check to see if the internet was working. Naomi went with Shaun to his house, but when he came to his house, no one was home. Normally his Mom would be home [his dad, Professor Giovanni Lapierre was working on a top-secret project for the government]. They went to the computer and noticed it was on... but the insigina they saw! They immediately escaped from the house. They went to Naomi's house when they noticed something odd going on to the house next to Naomi's. They go to check it out and inside a mysterious portal is inside of it. Doran is seen next to it and he enters it! Shaun and Naomi are reluctant to enter it, but than Naomi hears her stepdad, and she literatly drags Shaun in i




From beyond this point, Shaun and Naomi will enter a world where the world of Sonic has basically come true, but under all the beauty of a fantasy Sonic world lays a deep dark secret. Nilo Kahiri, the leader of the notorious group of Hackers called Ghost Eye and an ex-Sonic Fan, has created this world to trap all Sonic fans young and old forever. Using his experience on computer hacking and programming, he reprogrammed the Chronium Gate, a mysterious machine that was under a part of a project funded by the government to find out more about the time-space contiuum and other dimensions. The project was headed by Dr. Kalum Kahiri and Professor Giovanni Lapierre.


Nilo Kahiri used to be an hardcore Sonic fan... until Sonic Adventure 2 came out. He was shocked. He thought the game was THE worst Sonic game ever. He let out his dispise for the game all throughout the web. Even after months of the game's release, he still hated it. Gradually his grudge against it grew worse, to the point of hating everything that Sonic Team had ever done... eventually hating the entire Sonic Fandom altogether. He especially hated Yuji Naka. He especially hated the fact that according to him, Yuji kicked Naoto out of Sonic Team. He eventually started to hate the Sonic fans too... calling them coporate puppets that Yuji was controlling.


Before all that, Nilo was secretly a part of a underground hacking group called the Ghost Eye. When Nilo first joined, he was but just a script kiddie. Eventually he rose to the ranks of the highest respected hackers. When "Oijoj", the main head of the group retired a year before the release of SA2, Nilo quickly stepped in as main head. All was well until SA2 was released. As Nilo's obsession grew, he led attacks on innocent Sonic boards. He eventually reached the SonicFun board, where he knew most of the regulars and was well liked. He attacked the board, but luckily Vince managed stop them and banned Vince and his gang.


Outraged, he went into a rage one night and literatly tore up his home. But then he managed to stumble upon his Dad's research for the Chronium Gate. Nilo was extremely intelligent, and could nearly understand all of what was on the paper... almost everything.


He followed his dad to the project and confronted him. He understood most everything about it and he said he was going to use it. Kalum didn't believe him, but then he started messing with some of the programs... and suddenly the entire structure of the Chronium Gate was changed! He had modified the main programs that ran the Chronium Gate to his liking. Dispite everyone's warnings about using it, Nilo activated it. He jumped in it.


30 minutes later, everyone was wondering what had happen to him, and then something came out the Chronium Gate. It was Nilo, but he was drastically older. He had changed in appearance greatly. People tried talking to him, but he simply hit them with a energy bolt. No one was too badly. He then went off flying somewhere.


In Japan, Yuji Naka was enjoying time with his daughter, Sakura Naka when Nilo came crashing in. He swept Yuji off his feet and came back to the Sun's Monarchy, the place the Contiuum Gate was. On the way there, he got his main cronies, Dawn, Fastblink & Dreamspell, Hawk, & Shadeshred, the respected Hackers of Ghost Eye. He tells them about the awesome powers of the Aipeoc Dimension, the dimension he entered, they all gladly join him. They all reach the Sun's Monarchy and they ordered everyone to start up the Contiuum Gate... dispite Kalum's pleads to stop him.


Everyone in the Contiuum Gate room was all forced into the gate... except for Professor Giovanni. He managed to escape the Gate's suction force. Giovanni knew something horrible has gone wrong, and it was up to him to find out what.


Shaun and Naomi don't know it yet, but the entire fate of Reality will be placed in their hands...


More coming soon!

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