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Games and Demos

Games and demos will be placed below. To download you click on the icon that says the game you want to download.

*New* Full Game *New*
By: Goldenguy
Title: Triax: The Rising
Size: 1048580 bytes

Download Triax: The Rising

Full Version Game with everything fixed. :)
By: Terra Bahamut
Title: Rayoken's Quest
Size: 938389 bytes

Terra told me to tell you to copy and paste the rtp thingy from another game.

Download Rayoken's Quest

Demo 2
By: Crinx
Title: Infinitesimal Eternity: Pain
Size: 1080574 bytes

Infinitesimal Eternity: Pain Demo 2

By: culexor
Title: James' Universe
You must download the three files to get the demo.
Size: Setup: 250478 bytes
Part 2: 168961 bytes
Part 3: 424114 bytes

James' Universe File 1

James' Universe File 2

James' Universe File 3

*Newest Version*
By: DarkCrono
Title: Cyrus' Sword
Size: 1520159 bytes
You cannot go into any stores in Helena Village. If you see a typo or an error. Tell him by filling out this e-mail page. To get there click here.
RTP 1.32 Add-on needed to play.

Download Cyrus' Sword


By: Tyle Renake
Size: File 1: 1318013 bytes
File 2: 286543 bytes
File 3: 705887 bytes
File 4: 756556 bytes
File 5: 939883 bytes


Warning to all gamers : You start off with Fire, Eat, and Ice, all of which are not meant to be had in the begining. Try not to use the spells ( Untill you're meant to obtain them ) but do as you must. Also, the game ends after you reach the "Underground Lake", and their is no going back from their. Thats about it.


If you don't know what to do when you download the five files. Make a game folder and label it like Tyle Renake's Game or something. Then extract each zip into the same folder.

Tyle Renake's Game Part 1

Tyle Renake's Game Part 2

Tyle Renake's Game Part 3

Tyle Renake's Game Part 4

Tyle Renake's Game Part 5

*New Demo*
by: ooo
Title: Soul Bandits
Size: 1913272 bytes
This is mainly so I can see what people would think about my game. E-mail your comments to
or go to GameFaqs and tell me. Everything you say I will try to fix or improve.
So tell the truth please

Download Soul Bandits




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