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      Start Party Position
To get the Start Party Position you right click the mouse on the spot that you want the party to start.
Heres how to make a character "speak!"
 First you go into "Event Mode". Then where you want to place the event, you double click, right click and click on edit event, or press enter. On the white box double click. Then you go to "show message". You then type what you want. Click on the "ok" box. If you want to have a character set down, you click on the pink box that says Select Graphic. That's all!!
To make a character move

First you go into Event Mode. You double click, right click then click on the edit event part, or you can press enter. Set the graphic down that you want to be there by pressing the set button that is next to the pink box. So then select the character,or monster, or pet that you would like to have move across the screen. Then you go down where you can choose the movement. The Random Movement lets the character move wherever it decides to(the computer chooses it). Cycle Up-Down, that lets the character you wanted to move go up and down. Cycle Left-Right has the character move left and right over and over. Step Toward Hero and Step Away From Hero are easy to figure out. The last option to choose is By Its Route. For that if it is chosen, you go down two boxes and click "Edit Route".
After you choose what you want you can choose the Animation Type and Movement Speed.
You are so finished with that.

How to go into a town, castle, dungeon, etc.

First, you go into event mode. Then you use your way to make an even like double clicking or pressing enter. After that you click on the white box and go to the second page of event commands. Then when you find a command called "Teleport". You click on it. After that you bring it on the map that you want it to teleport to. Like if you want to have the main hall of a castle go to the dining room, you put the teleport at the spot you would want it to start. And after that you can put a staircase or a door. Like a door to enter a house.
That is all there is to making a teleport.

How to make an event never come up again.

First you go into even mode then event editor. When you finish all the event contents you go to "New Page". On the new page make sure there is no graphic in the box, or if you want there to be a graphic but nothing like talking or whatever. Then you go to the first switch box on the second page. You call it whatever you feel like it should be called. Then on the first page click at the bottom of the white box and go to "Change Switch". You choose the switch name and make sure it is on.

How to make common battles on the map.

First you need a map that you want to have the monsters on. Then for that map you right click it. The options you get should have one called Map Properties. For that you double click the bottom left box and get a menu. You choose the monsters or fiends that you want on the map. Or when you created the map on the screen that pops up you just do the same thing. That's about all there is to it.

To make chipsets different.
Have you ever wanted to use something like bricks for roads but never knew how to make that work cause you can't walk on them? Well first thing you go into the "Database". When you do that go to the ChipSets part. For a brick road that you would want, you find the ChipSet then go to Passing, Block. You find what it would be and click on it till it becomes and "O". That's how you change ChipSets to make things your way.

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