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Tyle Renake's Demo Information


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Tyle Renake's Demo Information

Game Info : A native martian (Takes place on mars), while taking a quest to avenge some stolen items, gets drawn into something far worse than he expected. A legendary tablet, named the Tablet of Tork, was hidden for thousands of years in the depths of mars. When some explorers find it, one decides to use it's power to make a fortune. The tale expands further in this, but the demo just barely covers this... Demo length : About 2 hours. This demo is not fully debuged yet. Their are a lot of problems. Charic Face sets will commonly change from updated to old, and some music during sections is missing. (Couldnt fit in the zip). A lot of spelling mistakes are to be found, and some of the dialog must be worked on. Warning to all gamers : You start off with Fire, Eat, and Ice, all of which are not meant to be had in the begining. Try not to use the spells ( Untill you're meant to obtain them ) but do as you must. Also, the game ends after you reach the "Underground Lake", and their is no going back from their. Thats about it.

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